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Does My Website Need A Blog?

Does My Website Need A Blog?

Posted on: 10th Aug 2017

Should My Business Website Have A Blog?

Still wondering whether your company website needs a blog? Let me save you some time by telling you yes, yes it does. To some of you, having a blog on your website may seem like a no-brainer but for those of you who are new to the world of online marketing, having a blog on your website can really help to benefit your long-term marketing efforts.

Besides helping to build out and introduce new and fresh content onto your website, running a blog can help enhance your digital marketing presence and help you to better connect with your target audience.

“That’s great but what other benefits does blogging have?” I’m glad you asked, keep reading to discover some of the key reasons why your website needs a blog.

SEO Benefits

It’s no secret that search engines love unique, quality content and a great way to add more of it to your website is through blogging. Regularly updating your blog with great, informative content which targets your audience's needs will be a good indicator to Google, and other search engines, that your company engages with its audience. It’s important to note that, generally speaking, Google ranks web pages rather than whole websites, so building out your website with fresh content and new pages, ie. blog articles, will help to increase your website’s search visibility and offer more opportunities for it to rank higher, which will ultimately put your company in front of more potential customers.

When it comes to SEO, search engines still appreciate good quality backlinks as they act as an indicator that your website is trustworthy which will also reflect on your domain’s authority. So the more high-quality content you publish, the more chances there are of receiving some high-quality backlinks. When talking about backlinks and blogging, it’s important to mention social media as this is the perfect channel for creating your own backlinks and for sharing your articles with your followers.

Build Trust and Credibility

Building trust and credibility with your target audience is important. It helps to position you as an authority within your industry and demonstrates that you’re a professional who cares about what you do. If you can write informative articles relating to your industry, which addresses the questions of your target audience, you’ll soon become your customer’s go-to source for helpful information.

Increase Website Traffic and Generate More Leads

One of the great things about blog posts are their ability to target long-tail keywords, which in turn will help to increase organic traffic to your website and generate more leads. Typically, long-tail keywords don’t have the same search volume as broader keyboards but their competition levels are a lot lower, meaning they will be easier to rank for. Long-tail keywords are usually four - five word phrases which are very specific to your product or industry. Users who use long-tail keywords tend to be closer to the point-of-purchase which means their conversion and enquiry rates are significantly higher. Think of it this way: If you search for “car leasing”, which is a very broad search term, what are the chances of you clicking through and making a purchase or enquiry? But if you were to search for “Ford Focus RS Ecoboost lease” you know exactly what you’re looking for so the chances of you making a purchase or enquiry just increased significantly, as long as the price is right!

How Do I Get Started?

Firstly you'll need a blog area adding to your website, if you already have one that’s great, all you need to do is get writing. If you don’t, then you’ll need to contact your web design agency to implement one. Once implemented, the only thing left to do is to start writing!

Pro Tip: Do some research ahead of time to ensure you always have relevant topics to write about. It’s also a good idea to have a few backup articles written and unpublished incase you have an exceptionally busy month and you’re not able to write a new one.

If you would like any further help or advice regarding your website or online marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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