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When Is The Right Time For A Company Rebrand?

When Is The Right Time For A Company Rebrand?

Posted on: 1st Feb 2016

Ever look in the mirror and think it may be time for a change? Well, brands are no different. Your brand is the face of your company and just like all things, it needs a little TLC from time to time. Whether your company's grown beyond its original roots or has fallen out of touch with the modern age, every brand has to go through a makeover at some point in it's life.

A well executed rebrand can transform a company. It can infuse new energy into your company's bloodstream, help shake negative perceptions and enable you to reach a new and wider audience.

The problem with company rebrands is knowing when is the right time. To help you figure that out we've put together 5 questions which you should be asking yourself.

Has Your Original Business Model Or Strategy Changed?

Branding is all about building a reputation around your company's mission, vision and beliefs. One of the most common (and also fortunate) problems companies encounter as they grow is that their original strategy and business model changes. If your company has undergone an unexpected or sudden growth period, or if you're venturing into new or additional marketplaces, it may be time for a company rebrand. As businesses grow and expand it's essential to revisit your branding to be able to successfully compete with the higher-level brands and competition.

Has Your Branding Become Too Complicated And Unclear?

Is your message confusing and unclear? If what you're offering doesn't match up to your audience's perception then it may be time to take a step back and simplify things. Having a clear and focused message which pinpoints your company's core services is key to becoming a market leader. If your customers aren't sure what you offer then it's definitely time for a rebrand.

Are Your Embarrassed To Hand Out Your Website Address (Website Shame)?

If you start to feel embarrassed every time someone asks for your website address then chances are it's time for a redesign. Having a strong brand image and online presence is key in today's corporate world. When new and potential customers look for your business 95% of the time their first port of call will be Google (or another search engine). If your website is stale and out of date your customers may have a similar perception about the rest of your business.

Now saying that, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a website redesigned but it is important to work with an experienced web design agency. Remember, it often ends up costing more in the long run if you hire an amature over a professional.

Having a new website designed is an integral part of any rebranding strategy. It's a great starting point which allows you to step back and refocus your company's message and identity.

Are You Undergoing An Acquisition Or Merger?

Acquisitions and mergers are the perfect time to analyse your company's identity to ensure a smooth and successful brand alignment. More often than not, when companies undergo a merger, both brands can become confused and unclear.

Are Your Trying To Attract A New Audience?

Attracting new customers is perhaps a problem which is more applicable to older and more established companies but still applies to all. Staying on top of current demographics is always a good idea and the generation who were the top spenders when you started your company probably aren't anymore. A rebrand allows you to redefine your company to help target the newer and younger generations which is essential for any successful business.

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